Great Gold Bird, Great Dark Yawn : an indie game

Great Gold Bird, Great Dark Yawn : an indie game

Great Gold Bird, Great Dark Yawn : an indie game



Back in October 2015, I was contacted by Katie Green, a playwright from Austin, TX. She had heard through the grapevine that I have worked with animation and indie games. Months later, we are deep into building a super unique game adaptation of one of her wander-plays by the name of “Great Gold Bird Great Dark Yawn

Originally, I was going to be team’s animator, though when our illustrator decided the project would be too much of a commitment, I filled that role as well. This meant that I be playing a much larger role in the design and look of the game. I proposed a design to Katie, one that incorporates detailed scans of mixed media drawings, paintings, video, and photos.

Micron pen, water colors, gouache

An example of the mixed media aesthetic we are playing with in the indie game Great Gold Bird Great Dark Yawn

The team approved to my excitement. I was driven to get started. I feel that having a team to help me stay motivated would be a major creative boon.

To build funds for the project, we decided to orient the initial work on the project to make a trailer and a demo. That way we could launch a kick-starter campaign. The trailer is done and we are finishing up the demo. We are all super excited to announce the project to the world.

The original production was a wonder-play. This form of theater breaks a lot of the boundaries of typical play writing, requiring the audience to travel to different areas in a city to find phone numbers to call to get instructions to investigate a seemingly abandoned trailer etc. We are going to embrace that outside-the-box thinking with this iteration of the work to make people leave the game to find the solution to a puzzle or play a game within the game.

The project is coming along well. We should have a playable demo ready in a month or two. We can’t wait to show it off.WebDecorativeBits